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NFL owners voted yesterday to make instant replay a permanent fixture but rejected a proposal to allow one defensive player per team to have a radio receiver in his helmet connecting him to a coach during a game.On the second day of the annual three-day league meeting in Phoenix, the owners took votes on some but not all of the proposals made by the influential competition committee. Rule changes need at least 24 votes among the 32 clubs to be enacted, and the proposal to make instant replay a permanent rule passed by a 30 to 2 count. The Arizona Cardinals and Cincinnati Bengals voted against it.Replay first was used by the league as an officiating tool between 1986 and ’91. The current system, based on coaches’ challenges, was put into effect in 1999 but would have needed to be renewed after two more seasons. Now, with replay permanent, teams will begin to install high-definition equipment in stadiums for use by replay officials at a cost of about $300,000 per club, according to Atlanta Falcons President Rich McKay.”We felt like this was an appropriate time to do it,” said McKay, the co-chairman of the competition committee. “We didn’t think it made sense to spend all that money and have two years left.”The proposal to outfit one defensive player per club Cheap Trent Williams Red White Gold Jersey Redskins Kids ladies nike Jerseys with a communications system in the helmet received 22 votes, four more than it received last year but still two shy of ratification. The competition committee supported the measure, and McKay said he expects the proposal to be made again in the future. The idea is to put the defense on equal footing with the offense, given that the quarterback is connected to a coach by a radio receiver in his helmet.But some teams didn’t like the proposal, McKay said, because the defense would be at a disadvantage again if the one player Cheap Trent Williams Red White Gold Jersey with the radio receiver got injured or left the game for another reason. Those teams would have preferred to permit several defensive players to be outfitted with the helmet receivers, but McKay said the competition committee didn’t want to allow that and burden the officials with the task of ensuring that only one of those players was in the game at a time.The owners approved a measure allowing an assistant coach on a team that reaches the Super Bowl to have second head coaching interviews with interested clubs during the bye week before the game. The owners are to vote on other proposed rule changes, including one in which the kickoff in overtime would be moved from the 35- to the 30-yard line, today. They won’t vote on a proposal by the San Francisco 49ers to modify the pass interference rule to limit minor interference penalties to 15 yards. The 49ers withdrew the proposal, according to McKay.Notes: The owners approved a request by the New York Giants and New York Jets for a waiver of the league’s debt rules to build their planned stadium in the Meadowlands, the price of which has risen to $1.6 billion. . . . NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is scheduled to meet with Tennessee Titans cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones on Tuesday to discuss Jones’s legal problems. Several owners said this week they expect Goodell to impose a one-year suspension on Jones next month under the new player conduct policy that Goodell is formulating.– Mark Maske/* BEGIN TOP STRIP STYLES */#customTS-SingleThumbBlog width:454px;margin-bottom:6px;padding-bottom:6px;font:11px Arial;border-bottom:solid 1px #CCC;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog p margin:0;padding:0;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog a:link, #customTS-SingleThumbBlog a:visited text-decoration:none;font-weight:bold;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog a:hover text-decoration:underline;color:#C00;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog .redkicker font-weight:bold;color:#C00;margin-bottom: 4px;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog .thumbSlot float:left;width:80px;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog .textSlot float:right;width:368px;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog ul padding:0;list-style-type:none;font-weight:bold;margin:0;#customTS-SingleThumbBlog li Redskins Kids ladies nike Jerseys background-image:url(;background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:0px .4em;padding-left:6px;padding-bottom:2px; Latest Posts From NFL News Feed More Posts | Sports Blog Directory #botPromoStrip background: #fff url(‘’) no-repeat; padding: 7px 10px; margin: 5px 0 10px 0;More in the NFL SectionThe LeagueA conversation about what’s happening today in the NFL.NFL News FeedMark Maske keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest news in the NFL.Redskins InsiderJason Reid provides exlusive analysis of the Redskins.

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